Tuf1 Powder & Bar

Tuf1 detergent powder can easily remove soil , sweat Tough stains and odors , It can be used in machine washing and hand washing, let clothes softer and bright,...

UltraShine Premimum

Introducing 'New Advanced UltraShine Premimum Detergent Powder which can be used both for hand wash and washing machine as well. known for its features like purity...


The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows - Best way ever to clean windows. No drying needed, and you have no spots or streaks on your window! Glazz Household Cleaner is strong and affective...

Swachh hand wash

A game of cricket. Watering the plants. Playing with the kid. There’s every reason for you to use the Swachh Antibacterial hand wash. And use it every time you come home...

For a cleaner, Brighter world

KPR products are unquestionably my favorite cleaning products. I have tried many different natural and environmentally friendly brands and none have impressed me, until now. I use Mom’s Magic Degreaser + Cleaner on a regular basis to clean floors, bathrooms and even carpet spills.

I have two young children that love making messes and the Mom’s Magic is perfect for cleaning all types of surfaces. It not only smells awesome but is safe on surfaces where my kids eat and play. Thank you for making such great products!!

Together we can build a cleaner & Brighter future

I recently bought some of your cleaning products and was waiting to use up what I had before I used yours.I was using the old glass cleaner on some windows and a mirror, and when I went back to look at them, they were all streaked and still dirty.

So I got KPR GLAZZ window cleaner out and oh boy! They were clean and streak free in no time. Thank you for the great, fast, stress free, with no toxic smell window cleaner. I tried the Reflex surface cleaner and Dip Drop toilet cleaner, and Fin-All for bath scrub, all three are great!